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We are the change we want to see in the world
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We help the Peruvians who need it the most

We are a non-governmental organization (NGO) that recycles plastic to protect the environment. We transform plastic bottles into polyester fiber that is then converted into blankets, ponchos, and socks that are donated to communities in extreme poverty.
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Recycled bottles
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Recycled bottles


Blankets delivered


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Be Part of the Change

By educating, recycling, and helping we make the change we want to see on our planet. You can be part of the change, too. Join us today!

We collect plastic


We transform it into polyester fiber


We convert the fiber into blankets


We make ponchos and socks from the fabric clippings


We donate the blankets, ponchos and socks to the Peruvians most in need


Our purpose

Humanize Peru

We dream of making Peru more environmentally conscious and supportive of vulnerable communities.

Recycling Points

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