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Get Informed


The first step is getting informed.

Having the correct information is essential to make a change on our planet. Knowing what is happening in the world we live in helps create awareness. This awareness leads our actions to fight for a better future. Follow Ayudando Abrigando on social media to stay informed about recycling and the environment-related news.

Pollution numbers in Peru


0 %
Of trash is recycled
0 %
Of trash ends up in oceans or open landfills
+ 0
Tons of trash are produced daily
0 %
of communities in Peru don’t have a trash collection system



Of trash is recycled


Of trash ends up in oceans or open landfills


Tons of trash are produced daily


Of communities in Peru have no trash collection system
+ 0


Peruvians die due to low temperatures

*The statistics only consider individuals who seek care at medical centers for treatment. The majority do not have access to a hospital.

How do we contribute to the solution of these problems?

Humanizing Peru


Creating awareness

We help the Peruvians most in need


How do we do it?

Our process is simple. In five steps we manage to convert what you consider waste into blankets, pairs of socks and ponchos to be delivered to many Peruvians.

We collect plastic


We transform it into polyester fiber


We turn the fiber into blankets


We make ponchos and socks out of the fabric clippings


We donate the blankets, ponchos and socks to the Peruvians who need them most